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Yoga Classes & Private Instruction 


Just Breathe Yoga & Bodywork offers yoga classes taught by our professional, well-trained, and caring instructors. Whether it's your first class or you're a seasoned yogi, we offer a class that's perfect for you.


We offer a fully equipped yoga studio including mats, blocks, yoga belts, bolsters, blankets and more!


To better serve you and as a safety precaution be sure to inform the instuctor of any health issues as in Osteoporosis, Glaucoma, Hip Replacements, High or Low Blood Pressure so modifications can be made. 


We ask that students preregister via Once your account is set with punchpass you will be able to reserve a space for class or make a cancellation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with questions.




Class Minimum: 4

All classes are subject to cancellation for less than 4 students


Description of Classes


 Yoga Wall Class - Beginner 4 pm


In this class students are introduced to yoga poses using the Great Yoga Wall. The yoga wall supports students in standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. It helps promote overall flexibility and mobility in the hips and spine, builds strength in both large muscle groups and the core, creates ease in facilitating proper alignment, helps reduce back pain, provides gentle traction, increases body awareness as well as improves circulation.  


Yoga Wall Class  5;30 pm- at least 6 months experience required 


In this class students use the great yoga wall to advance their practice. 


Level 1 -2 


This class is for the student that wishes to take their practice beyond the basics. This classes assumes that the student has a working knowledge of yoga. The instructor may call out a pose expecting the student to understand and execute the essential points of alignment and know basic modifications for the pose. The class may proceed at a faster pace than a Level 1 class, however, time is spent understanding each pose. The instructor may demonstrate less and walk around the room making hands on adjustments. 


Gentle Beginner 


This class is suitable for all levels of practice but targeted to the beginner student or someone that wants or needs a slower, less intense pace. Learn basic yoga postures, yoga stretches and why to practice, basic alignment for maximum benefit of the pose, how to adapt the psoe to meet your needs, how to use yoga props and why, simple breathing techniques, simple meditation and relaxation practice.


Yoga for Healthy Aging


Each week a different topic such a strength, agility, flexibility, balance, brain health, heart health stress relief and meditation is offered. Students practice asana that promote alignment and form. 


Mixed Level 


A mixed level class is just that; a class of students with different levels of practice but also a class that can be tailored to your needs. Students are given options to modify or advance the practice. 


Relax and Restore 


Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that allows the body to relax physically. mentally and emotionally. It is appropriate for all levels  and is mainly a floor based practice that includes props to support the body. Generally, the poses are held for 5 to 10 minutes. The goal is to deeply release tension and relax the body. This practice helps to take us from fight or flight or freeze to rest, digest and heal. Other benefits: reduces chronic pain, improves sleep, enhances the mood, improves flexibility, boosts the immune system, helps with depression. 


Cash, Check, Venmo or Zelle           Online Payment

 Class Pass of 12:   $120.00               $124.00

Class Pass of 8:    $88.00                 $91.00

Class Pass of 4:    $50.00                  $52.00

Drop-in Fee:       $15.00                     $16.00

3 Month Unlimited Pass $240.o0     $248.00


Payment is required in advance. 

Venmo info: Sheila-Hubbard-10

Contact for Zelle 276-34-9621


All classes have a 120 expiration from the start of your first class with the exception of unlimited pass.  

No extensions unless medical emergency.


Doors are opened 15 minutes prior to start of class.

Doors are locked at the appointed time for class. 

Students may cancel their reservation 3 hours prior to class.

Students have 1 hour prior to class to reserve a space.

NO SHOWS are charged for their reservations. Failure to cancel a class is considered a no show.

Late cancellations are charged unless it is a medical emergency. 


Private Yoga  $65.00  per session. Sessions are designed to meet your goals for your practice. 




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