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"Sheila is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher of yoga. Her style of teaching and skill at adapting the poses with props makes yoga accessible to everyone and every body. Yoga philosophy is woven into the classes and practice in a way that builds awareness and cultivates mindfulness both on and off the mat. Just Breathe studio has a calm and soothing environment that is a welcome respite from the stress of everyday life."

~Sarah Byrd


"I've been attending classes at JB for years now, and I can't say enough good things about both Sheila and the beautiful studio. I drive from Roanoke every chance I get. Uptown M'ville is a great place to visit. The zoom option for classes when I am unable to attend in person is great! Thanks Sheila and JB."

~Deb Anderson


"I began practicing yoga with Sheila 6 years ago in an effort to manage arthritis pain. Under her patient, knowledgeable guidance I learned so much and was inspired to enroll in her instructor training program. Studying with Sheila has been life changing. Practicing yoga has become my favorite activity and passion."

~Joyce Hankins


"My shoulder is so much better after today's practice. I love yoga - even the parts that I can't seem to master. You are a remarkable teacher."



"Your Yoga Wall class is amazing! Great job cueing, and instructing, especially your patience!!"

~Susan K.


"Just Breathe Yoga" and Sheila Hubbard are an asset in my life. Her knowledge of Yoga and the body allows her to make modifications to the poses so every "yogi" can reach their fullest potential in their practice. I leave every class feeling stretched, strong physically; uplifted, yet relaxed mentally.  

~Cathryn Anderson


"I learn so much from Sheila each time I participate in one of her classes, not only about yoga but about my body. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to her students. She is so flexible in her teaching that she adjusts her sequence(s) to the needs of her students. She connects with the students, acknowledging all at least once during a class. She makes them feel important, noticed and worthy. Her class exhibits a warmth; she strives to make everyone feel comfortable. In doing so, she still manages to make each class "fun," inserting her unique descriptions to het her students moving towards the proper form. Sheila continues to remind her students of the proper actions to get the desired benefit from each asana; she is simply amazing and I love every minute of her classes. 

~Cynthia Cowley




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