Integrative Reflexology


Integrative Reflexology is a foot, hand, and ear therapy that works with the meridians through energy pathways that begin and end on the fingers and toes. Reflexology is beneficial to everyone, from babies to adults.


Reflelology may help with ...


Relieving colic in babies - Relieving sinus congestion - Constipation

Reducing stress and promoting relaxation - Easing digestion

Pain from chronic illnesses - Increasing circulation and reduced swelling of legs and feet

 Increasing immune function - Reducing muscular tension


During your session, you can expect...


  • Therapeutic foot soak of 5 - 10 minutes with epsom salt and essential oil
  • A foot scrub
  • The session is performed on a massage table while fully clothed, or you may include Reflexology into your regular massage session.
  • Specific points on the feet which correspond with different organs will be stimulated, along with toe and foot stretches
  • Hand Reflexology may be incorporated into your session.
  • General sessions will take 60 minutes, or you may add to your session for a total 90 minute session



30 Minute Session: $45.00

60 Minute Session: $75.00



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